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Eggplant Is the New Cheese [Recipe]

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One of the foods that's not part of the Slow Carb Diet is cheese (or any dairy, for that matter).

I can live without milk and yogurt pretty easily, but boy do I miss cheese, especially on things like scrambled eggs.

I discovered in the spring there's a replacement for cheese.

It's eggplant.  Eggplant sauteed in oil, to be specific.

  • Skin the eggplant and slice in flat rounds. I usually buy the long "Indian" ones, but regular eggplant will do also. If you're using a regular one, you might need to cut it in quarters as well.
  • Saute over medium-high/high heat in grapeseed oil 'til slightly browned on either side.
  • Enjoy the oily goodness mixed with a variety of things that would taste good with cheese, including cauliflower or eggs.

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