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Don't Drink The (Vitamin) Water

· Nutrition
Think vitaminwater is healthy?
Think again.

Have you ever taken a look at the ingredients in that crap?

Just because something is marketed as good for you doesn't mean it is. In fact, it often means it isn't. I don't have a problem with marketing a product. I don't even have a problem with marketing something that's a treat or generally unhealthy. I have a HUGE problem with misleading advertising and companies promoting something that's likely to do more harm than good.

Vitaminwater is artificially flavoured and coloured sugar. It's basically Kool-Aid on steriods (NOT literally...anabolics are illegal and can't just be bought over the counter). Plain and simple. Take a look at the ingredients:

That sugar content is unreal. That's OVER TWO TABLESPOONS of sugar in one bottle. A plain ice cream sandwich has less sugar and honestly, more nutritional value. And to be honest, you'll probably enjoy it more. At least, I would.

Edit: Coca-Cola now makes a ZERO version of vitaminwater, which has sugar alcohols instead of sugar. The jury is still out as to whether sugar alcohols (like many artificial sweeteners) are really all that much better for you, but it's a step in the right direction. I still wouldn't drink this stuff.

If you're on the run and stopped to grab a quick bite or takeout, and think that vitaminwater is a 'heathier' choice, congratulations on falling for exactly what Coca-Cola wants you to fall for: a misleading claim that makes you buy it because you think it's better for you than the other choices.

I really hope no one drinks one a day, hoodwinked into thinking they're doing their body good and that it's an 'easy' way to get their vitamins, considering how few vitamins are actually in a bottle anyway.
If you feel like asking "But Shona, how am I going to get my vitamins?" , you probably won't like my answer: stop relying on a junk food product to fill in your nutritional deficiencies. Do you need to supplement your vitamins? Chances are, yes, but I'm not a doctor and I can't tell you for sure nor can I tell you which ones you need. But your doctor can. (Side note: a direct quote from my own doctor regarding Vitamin D. "Everyone's deficient. Take a supplement.")
Moral of the story: all that glitters is not gold, all that is marketed to be healthy isn't, and read the ingredients before buying something that says it's good for you.

If you need help or accountability developing healthy habits and sticking to them, let's talk.

And don't drink the vitaminwater.

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