• Your Connected Experience

    Your experience as my client starts the minute we first talk. Before we decide if working together on a short or long term basis is the best fit for both of us, you'll go through a comprehensive goal setting process in order to come up with the best solution and custom program for your own personal health & fitness goals.


    During training sessions, you'll enjoy the experience of being in a private studio, working one on one in a safe environment where you get to pick the music and you never have to wait for any piece of equipment.

  • About Shona

    Shona Mitchell Monforton picked up a set of weights for the first time in 1994. She joined the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves (Army) in 1997 and has spent several years in Training & Development and teaching basic military training. She has over 15 years of active service in the Primary Reserve (part time). Shona started teaching fitness in 2005, is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) and has taken the StrongFirst Girya (Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor) course.


    Her other education includes a degree and a half in classical flute performance, advanced speaking and leadership awards from Toastmasters, and she has training in EFT, the Alexander Technique, and Reiki.


    Shona is an avid Tim Ferriss fan, a crazy cat lady in training, and has a weakness for homemade chocolate chip cookies. She's also an extroverted Libra who doesn't need coffee.


  • Training Plan Options

    Training Packages are being updated and will be available in Fall 2022.

    Please join the ConnectedCrew to get earlybird notice of my new program offerings!

  • What Others Say

    "...good news is that I'm getting so strong! Your words 'does this get you further or closer to your goal?' stuck. I've dropped pounds, increased my iron and can do a full plank in yoga now! I'm eating so well and supplementing too.


    Thank you for supporting me!"


    - Personal Training Client Heather

    "I feel like a new person!


    - Personal Training Client Darren

    "You're the Tiffany's of personal trainers!"

    - Personal Training Client Tina

    "You helped me get started and gave me guidance on how to use the equipment, body positioning for exercises, and on nutrition.


    Since then eating healthy, working out and hitting new peaks trekking up and down our beautiful mountains has become my new normal - enjoying every bit of it and loving life! I cannot thank you enough Shona! "


    - Personal Training Client Mike

    "I would recommend Shona as a trainer because she has extensive knowledge and is very passionate about helping people stretch and then reach their fitness goals."


    - Personal Training Client Bonnie

    "She is really good at ensuring correct set-up and position to avoid injuries and getting maximum benefit."


    - Personal Training Client Melanie

    "Shona is highly qualified & inspirational. Beyond that is her follow-through. She posts ideas and recipes and motivation on her media. She checks in on you and, in my case, calls me on my nonsense (sometimes I need a bit of gentle butt kicking). Shona cares about her clients' health, wellness, fitness, and everything.


    Shona gave me my life back, I will always be grateful."


    - Personal Training Client Heather (different Heather)

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